Pros and cons of internal coaching Vs external coaching.

Life coach, executive coach or  coaching in general is gaining great credibility in business field, due to the level of performance improvement the coachee experience at personal and professional arena. As well as organizations are touching almost the level of 74% ROI when using the coaching approach in their organizations.

We start with Brief definition : Life coach is known by her capabilities to empower, guide and help coachee to achieve their goals, by keeping them motivated and committed to the execution of their objectives. In organizations generally we see tow kind of coaches , either internal or external coach.

Internal coach, is a coach who works on the same company as the coachee. she could be the direct manager as well.

External coach, is a professional certified coach hired and outsourced from outside of the coachee company.

Based on researches which showed an increasing interest in internal coaches. When asked about the use of internal coaching, 57 percent of the participating organizations expect their use of internal coaches to increase, and another 40 percent plan to continue their current usage.Internal coaches may work either full-time or as a part-time coach with other responsibilities. Almost always, internal coaches find themselves with additional responsibilities in the company, even if they are supposedly full-time coaches. About one-third of leaders surveyed have worked with an internal coach. What determines whether an internal or an external coach should be used for a specific assignment? Companies indicate that the most important factors are:

• The level of leader being coached;

• Leader preference for an internal coach;

• Available time from an internal coach;

• Cost considerations.

In talking to leaders, 59 % indicated a preference for an external coach and only 12 percent preferred an internal coach. Twenty-nine percent did not have a preference. One organization explained the decision criteria this way: “We may select internal due to the knowledge of the company … but occasionally we go the other way to allow the person room to really explore the issues more freely.” How- ever some leaders can be very critical, suggesting that: “Using an internal person as a coach is a lot like a dental hygienist performing oral surgery.”

Compare Internal to External Coaching

There are many consistent criteria as to what makes a successful coach that are true of either external or internal coaches. Strong coaches focus on results, are good listeners, offer useful hint of recommendations, and help the leader stay on track. Keep the coachee committed and accountable for his goal. Whether the coach is internal or external doesn’t impact these qualities. So what are the benefits or differences between the two categories of coaches.


• Lower cost

• More control and consistency over methods•

Greater understanding organizational culture

• Additional exposure/ knowledge of leader

• Scheduling flexibility

• May be able to spend more time observing leaders in action.


• Managing time can be challenging

• Perception of less confidentiality

• Perceived as less credible

• Having the qualifications—not always with advanced degrees,experience, or certification as coach

• Limited exposure to different organizations and best practices in the field.


• Higher credibility

• Greater objectivity

• Experience in many organizations, industries, and business environments

• Higher level of confidentiality

• Bring fresh perspective

• As their main profession, dependent on being successful at every coaching assignment

• Broadened variety of coaching skills

• May be specialized in fields of practice which provides more powerful insight.

• Greater exposure and current to other coaches and best practices in the field.


• Could entail higher cost and expenses

• Less familiar with company’s culture and politics ( which could be better, it depend how you look at it)

• Inconsistent methods across pool of coaches

• Less availability without earlier notice

At the end, coach will always work by your side, and help you to be the best you can be.