Simply defined, emotional intelligence is to identify, recognize, understand and the use of emotion in self and others.

few simple series of articles to help you acknowledge and be aware of the techniques you may use to help your kids increase her capabilities to recognize and use emotions effectively. Few practical tips helps understand and guide your kid into effective and safe emotional expression.

– Acknowledge your child’s perspective and empathize.

Even if you can’t “do anything” about your child’s upsets, empathize. Just being understood helps humans let go of troubling emotions. the oxygen equivalent for the relationships is to make the other person(kid) feels understood. If your child’s upset seems out of proportion to the situation, remember that we all store up emotions and then let ourselves experience them once we find a safe haven. Then we’re free to move on.

Empathizing doesn’t mean you agree, just that you see it from her side, too. She may have to do what you say, but she’s entitled to her own perspective. We all know how good it feels to have our position acknowledged; somehow it just makes it easier when we don’t get our way.

to be continue…