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Serenity and simplicity

Are you wondering what is emotional intelligence?

why everybody talking about it and what is special about it?

what benefits me, and how i can be more emotionally intelligent.?

On this short essay, we have simple and straight to the point explanations, regarding the dimensions of Emotional intelligence.

– First, we have accurate emotional self-awareness and self-regards which are the cornerstone of all the three other dimensions of EI (emotional intelligence)

– Second, we have emotional self-regulation or regulation of emotions. When you are aware of your emotions, you will be capable to control and regulate them at will. Here we are talking about adaptability, self-discipline, impulse control and resiliency.

– Third, we have – others emotional appraisal- It is your awareness of the emotions displayed by others around you. We are mainly talking about empathy which consist of three different layers. 1) Radar: which means capability to scan the emotion around you 2) building rapport, this will consist scanning and engaging others….3) building trust is the level of establishing actual empathic concerns to others.

– Fourth, we have the use of emotions. this is where the fruits of emotional intelligence ripe. This is where communication foster, leadership, empowerment, teamwork and collaboration takes effect.

– Fifth is renewal. The essence of how to capitalize  and balance the other intelligences in order to keep your emotions upbeat and robust.


I will share this video from you tube, in order to animate and help you assimilate the concept of EI more clearly.

Stay tuned, more details will come later , don’t forget to share and like….