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April is the month of filing taxes which have ripple effects on you in order to keep your head straight with all the balancing sheet and AHA experience with your expenses.

However, on the bright side Financial Literacy Month is a great time to create a strategy for a more positive financial positioning. Unfortunately, for many people, the path to better finances can be overwhelming. But there is a lot of resource to tab on. Mentioning few such as, government sites, your banker, financial advisers, Financial coach and plenty of other resource, world wide web, books, articles and BLOGS.

Here few tips to follow on this month. consider them as warm up exercises for your financial muscles.

1- Keep your money secure.

Some will think i’m talking about paper money which we barely use it now a day. what i mainly mean over here, look after your debit card and credit card. Adhere to the instructions of usage and consider having fraud protection deal for your credit card.

2- Keep personal accounting diary.

it can be in form of pocket expenses book in your pocket or better be an app. on your smart phone which easily and conveniently keep track of your habitual expenses. Most of what we shop for is based on emotional decision. So this data will tell you exactly Were you spending too much on eating out or was your electric bill higher than usual? This helpful process can help you identify spending trends and opportunities where you can potentially save more dollars and save yourself from stress when paying the bills.

3- Hunt for best deals and discounts.

This can happen automatically and from the comfort of your house, all you have to do browse the internet for best deals on the product you intend to buy. this will have double effect. You will have more time to rethink the buy decision and see if it emotionally charged, second you will get best deals and offers available on the market, because with the internet we are not talking about the monopoly of the local shops.

4- Learn more about money.

There is great books on this subject and so many seminars and webinars helps you do better smart financial management. If you haven’t read “Rich dad, poor dad” it is a good time to read it.

Finally I hope these tips will encourage you to educate yourself more about finance or if you do have such knowledge consider to share it with others especially children, because this will build their entrepreneurial mind and effective money management.