Every year national small business week May 4 till May 8,  is celebrated with a lot of expectations and anticipations. As global economy moving towards the rise of the entrepreneurs where small businesses are the back bone of the current and future economy.build plane in the sky

The world tried several approach to foster small businesses, mostly was with mind-set of consulting, training and many other ways of telling the entrepreneur what to do. Fortunately now there is new paradigm engaging the entrepreneurs, the mind of support, help, nurture passion within through coaching process. which is much more effective at the long run.

“Give a person a fish, it will feed him/her for a day

Teach a person how to fish, it will feed him/her every day.

Coach a person how to fish, it will feed their passion for life.”

So how a coach can be any help for the entrepreneur?

Here i share with you some thoughts

  1. The coach approach will reduce the entrepreneur isolation by getting an outside perspective through a process of exploration.
  2. Gain a sounding board and accountability partner whose only agenda is your agenda
  3. Get more clarity around business issues and quickly get to the heart of problem, capability to zoom and focus to what is urgent.
  4. Help develop leadership skills, manage change more effectively
  5. Improve decision-making ability, reduce overwhelm, re-establish balance
  6. Increase profitability and productivity issues and make more money
  7. Get help with goal setting, organization and time management
  8. Develop structures and systems to stay focused on top priorities
  9. Get help with personal blind spots and self-defeating behaviors
  10. Get a start-up business off the ground

Have great week, and let the national business week inspire you to move on and claim your dreams, realize your goals, commit to achievement and make a difference.

Your professional life coach

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