About me


R. Hatoum

I’m a curious and entrepreneurial individual. Who thinks outside the box and strive to add new skills to my toolkit. I have a solid background in Marketing Strategies and use cases of social blockchain technology. I developed gamified learning experience, in the fields of divergent thinking, entrepreneurial coaching, emotional intelligence is driven performance and 7 coaching caps. My mission is to lower the barrier entry into the crypto economy, for the average person and facilitate mass adoption of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency such as IoP  and the blockchain technology.

Empower your full potential.

Get empowered by maximum clarity, explore your full potential, go beyond solutions and open new possibilities by achieving your objectives one at a time.
You are what you DREAM to be. My unwavering promise to you, is that I go far and beyond, coaching you in order to realize and materialize your dreams into successful reality. I’m an enthusiastic Emotional intelligence coach

My Strengths as a Certified Professional Coach

You will find that I am excellent at helping you discover the actions that are essential for you, and tapping into the motivation to move forward with the important actions in your life.  I will tell you the truth.  I will remind you of who you are.  You will be challenged to be all that you can be.  I won’t settle for anything less than the very best for you, i will hold you accountable for your goals, and celebrate your success, i will aim to your: Ultimate self and Total Prosperity!

– Humbly characterized by having genuine ability to listen, connect, care and love to help people grow. In that process I am growing as well.
This has been a rich theme throughout my life – to help people and their organizations to pursue their full potential by being emotionally resourceful, resilient and perseverant.- At Elite Compass Coaching we help people, educators and organizations achieve their objectives through the development of strategic self-awareness, mindfulness, empathy, leadership and whole person integration.
– By using insight from Business Psychology we develop and facilitate programs on Emotional Intelligence, stress management, creativity and effectiveness, targeting kids, teenagers and adults. We use EI framework to develop entrepreneurial coaching solutions. such as Entrepreneur in me©
We work with our clients and strategic partners to coach, train and inspire; to help leaders and teams succeed, to help enterprises thrive and to ensure that all employees are engaged and fulfilled.
My moto in life is to find my dreams and help other find theirs. Find my center and help other do the same.

I’m one phone call away, call me for free initial session.

On a personal note, you should know that I only work with people that are ready for positive change.  That’s all you need:  If you are open to positive change, you are capable of Total Prosperity.

Why hire me?

Power of joy

Power of joy

  • You have lost your confidence in yourself or what may be possible in life
  • You want financial freedom
  • You want a brilliant career that you excel at and is fulfilling
  • You want prosperous relationship and mutual love in your life
  • You want total prosperity in your career.
  • you want to improve you Emotional Intelligence skills, have better self-awareness, empathy and self-control

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