Emotionally intelligent coaching is a holisticapproach based on an inside out stones_tower_layered_238608exploration (what really motivate you?) of the inner values, attitudes and beliefs which shape our paradigms and behaviors. EICOACH is professional coaching with an added value of an intelligent use of emotions in order to fine tune, deeper connect and explore mindfulness in the quest of coaching and helping the client.

E = emotion (how are you feeling today? )

I = intelligence (what would you like to explore ? what is the session about, where would be the great place to be at the end of the session ?)

C = current (what are the facts? what challenges do you face concerning the issue, the truth and assumptions of the situation)

O = opportunities (what are the options & possibilities? how it would help your objective? what feels right about it, does it bring you close to your values? what was in the way and how you over come it? (obstacles, roadblocks and challenges)

A = action (actions you will take, what will you commit to, when will you execute it? what set of skills we need to overcome roadblocks, belief system, when would you acquire this skills needed? who else would be useful to involve)

C = change measure (scale your success. How would you know that you achieved objective ? did you meet or exceed the set desired results?  what difference will it make? what you see, hear, feel and experience then?

H = Harmony – How do you feel now?  what worked well today ? what are you feeling right now? let us celebrate success, achievement and efforts you made towards your objectives?

on the link below i share a mind map of EI  for how do you know you are emotionally intelligent? when you explore the behaviors which characterize emotionally intelligent person will be much easier to understand it. read further information on my blog. Please click on the link below.


What is coaching? and how does it work?  a video illustration

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