For Organisations

Managers are the front line, they critical change agents and accelerators of strategy execution. They are the crucial link between strategic intent and real action on the front line, and have the single greatest impact on employees, on results and on customers. Investing in managers is the best and fastest way to invest in the success of your business. eliteCOMPASS offers a comprehensive program designed to develop new managers and enhance the effectiveness of seasoned ones.

This 7-module workshop, called the Coaching COMPASS Manager Development Program, helps managers focus on knowing their role, knowing the business, improve their emotional intelligence skills, connecting their team to the strategy, and delivering results. With an emphasis on coaching skills and helping managers connect their team to strategy, the Coaching Compass program is unlike any other manager training program.success compass

Participants in Coaching Compass Learn to:

1- Identify and fully embrace their role in the organization, why we are here?

2- Understand and articulate what the company wants to be and cultivate what make meaning and why ?

3- Empower human potential and explore the power of emotional intelligence in fostering co-active teams, proactive leaders and satisfied customers..

4- Connect their team with the company’s purpose and strategy

5- Evoke creativity by Practicing new skills and create detailed action plans

6- Align systems in order to facilitate  execution. Bottom line results matter, perform and excel.

7- Gamify Processes and Celebrate victories.


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