For You

These fantastic three programs are for individuals.


silver compass

Silver COMPASS Program, $350/month

My Silver program is designed for everyday people that want to see real improvement in their lives.  We will speak three times a month, for 40 minutes.  We will also be in touch via email once a week to check in on your progress and make any needed adjustments in your success strategy.

$350 per month = 3 calls / sessions of 40 minutes + 1 email follow up  per week.

 Golden compass

Golden COMPASS Program, $600/month          

My Gold Program is designed for people highly commitment to fundamental change.  We will speak 4 times a month, for 50 minutes.  Your Gold Program fee includes unlimited emails in between sessions.  You can expect to experience significant change in your life within three months.

$600 per month= 4 calls /sessions of 45 minutes + unlimited emails per month

logo alone 2014-12-08 at 4.33.16 PM

Elite COMPASS Program

Elite COMPASS Program, $1000/month and above

My Elite Program is designed for high performers, entrepreneurs, executives, managers, business owners and professionals.  We will speak every week, on a schedule that fits your needs and desires.  Your Elite Program fee includes unlimited email and telephone contact in between sessions.  If you have the potential to be a top performer, you need and deserve a coach to help you become all you are meant to be.

click here for free introductory session.


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